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Battlefield 3 System Requirements

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Battlefield 3 System Requirements

System Requirements

System Requirements


AMD Athlon X2, Dual Core

Graphics Card

GeForce GTX 550 TI, Radeon HD 5770

Ram Memmory


Operating System



Product Description

Battlefield 3 will feature the maximalist combined arms battles that made the series popular across single-player, co-operative and multiplayer modes. It will reintroduce several elements absent from the Bad Company games, including fighter jets, the prone position and 64-player battles on PC. To accommodate the lower player count on consoles, the ground area will be limited for Xbox 360 and PS3, though fly space will remain the same.Battlefield 3 features the return of class-based game play, with four classes: Assault, Support, Engineer and Recon. The abilities of the Frostbite 2 engine will be utilized, with the Engineer’s flashlight able to blind other players, and concentrated LMG fire blurring the vision of suppressed players.Several game modes have been announced: Conquest, Rush, and a new mode, Team Deathmatch.

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