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Total War Attila System Requirements

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Total War Attila System Requirements

System Requirements

System Requirements


AMD Athlon X2, Core 2 Duo

Graphics Card

GeForce GTS 250, Radeon HD 5770

Ram Memmory


Operating System



Product Description

Total War Attila is the latest game in The Creative Assembly’s Total War series. War, famine and disease has gripped the world and a new power is rising in the far East. Attila has a million horsemen by his side and his sights set on Rome’s destruction.In Total War: Attila players are thrust back to 395 AD at the very dawn of the Dark Ages, in a epic fight between the Roman Empire and the Barbarian hordes.Featuring overhauled game mechanics and improved visual fidelity, Attila: Total War is set to be the most in-depth Total War title yet.

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